Behaviour policy

Safeguarding Home Page Norfolk Schools Safeguarding Website This website aims to give school staff advice and guidance on the arrangements required to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in school. Best wishes Kelly 24th July In the Autumn Term we will be launching a safeguarding newsletter. We anticipate publishing at least once every term with relevant safeguarding information for DSLs in schools and colleges across Norfolk. The newsletter will not duplicate MI sheets distributed on E-Courier.

Behaviour policy

It only takes a moment to make a report online. In an emergency, or if you need urgent police assistance, you should always dial You can also report suspicious activity by contacting the police in confidence on What should I report?

Like other criminals, terrorists need to plan. They need to prepare, buy and store materials, and find ways to fund their activities.

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Much of this is done in view of the public. Communities Defeat Terrorism What happens when I contact the police? When you make a report about suspicious activity or behaviour, our specially trained officers and police staff will take the details and pass these on for further checks.

The information you provide will be kept secure and your identity will be protected. Your call is not recorded and you do not need to give your name. You can find out more about the work of Counter Terrorism Policing by visiting www.

Behaviour policy

What happens when I contact the police? What should I do if I find terrorist or violent extremist content online?

Terrorists use the internet to provoke individuals to carry out attacks in the UK. One post or video has the power to influence vulnerable people and inspire extremists and terrorists. This is why it is important to tackle online terrorism.

Behaviour policy

Speeches or essays calling for racial or religious violence Videos of violence with messages in praise of terrorists Postings inciting people to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism Messages intended to stir up hatred against any religious or ethnic group Bomb-making instructions Advice on how to obtain or make weapons If you see online graphic or violent extremist material or content that supports, directs or glorifies terrorism please report it using our anonymous online reporting form.

A specialist police team will examine the content and will work with internet companies to remove it if appropriate.

We have more information available about reporting online content, or visit www. Report online terrorist or extremist content ACT to Stay Safe While the chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident remain rare, it is important to be prepared and know how to protect yourself if the need arises.

Counter Terrorism Policing has released guidance that sets out three key steps for keeping safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack. We know from case studies and testimony of people who have survived attacks that this advice can save lives.

You can find out more at www. The message to children is simple: We also advise to warn others about an on-going threat, and crucially NOT to stop and use mobile phones until safely away from danger. Watch our new video below, and remember: Atrocities in London and Manchester have sadly resulted in some of the youngest victims of terror this country has ever seen, and if we are able to teach children to act in a way which could potentially save their lives — then it is our responsibility to do so.

Education and Learning Advice For Parents We appreciate that talking to young people about terrorism can be scary, for parents and children alike. But the atrocities in London and Manchester have sadly resulted in some of the youngest victims of terror this country has ever seen, and if we are able to teach children to act in a way which could potentially save their lives then it is our responsibility to do so.

We have worked closely with the NSPCC to develop practical advice to support talking sensitively to your child about terrorism.Disruptive Behavior Procedure Disruptive, Threatening, or Violent Behavior.

Workplace Behaviour - Policies & Procedures

Students, faculty, and staff have the right to be free from acts or threats of disruptive behavior and/or physical violence, including intimidation, harassment and/or coercion, which involve or affect the University Community. Behavior (American English) or behaviour (Commonwealth English) is the range of actions and mannerisms made by individuals, organisms, systems, or artificial entities in conjunction with themselves or their environment, which includes the other systems or organisms around as well as the (inanimate) physical environment.

It is the response of the system or organism to various stimuli or inputs. Greenwood House, Private Road No 2, Colwick Quays Business Park, Colwick, Nottingham, NG4 2JY; ; [email protected] To the right hand side of the page is a list of disrepute, red card and match day misconduct regulations and forms.

An amount that has to be paid or given up in order to get something.. In business, cost is usually a monetary valuation of (1) effort, (2) material, (3) resources, (4) time and utilities consumed, (5) risks incurred, and (6) opportunity forgone in production and delivery of a good or service.

All expenses are costs, but not all costs (such as those incurred in acquisition of an income. Become part of the online revolution! The BehaviourExchange team of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, psychology, online content and online marketing is working hard to make the (online) world a better place.

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